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Winery Introduction

Having been developed through many generations, our winery was inherited by the last inheritor,Jose Esturillo, who was brin in 1982. Jose was not only a winery owner but also an ocean protector. After inherited the winery, he broke through the traditional business pattern and created his own brand “aoyo”. He strived to arouse people’s awareness of protecting the ocean in the name of aoyo brand. In the meantime, his passion and devotion inspired all members and brought a new vitality into the winery. On wine quality, aoyo winery has always been insisted on picking by hand, selecting grapes carefully, applicating both modern and traditional wine-making skills, and aging in French oaks, which aims to bring high-quality wine to people. On ocean protection, aoyo winery has participated in public activities of international ocean conservation organization several times, integrated the ocean elements into wine labels to improve people's awareness of ocean protection, and made wine lovers love ocean as well. This concept makes aoyo brand distinctive and also obtains the praise of customers from Europe and other countries in the world!

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    Different Grapes of Wine

    Various grape sets

    Cabernet Sauvignon,Carmenere,Melot,Syrah
    Chardonnay,Moscatel,Malbec,Petit Verdot,Pinot
    Noir,Sauvignon Blanc,Cabernet Franc

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    Fruit Brewing Types

    Dry wine,semi dry wine
    white wine,rose red wine,semi-white wine
    semi-sweet wine,sweet wine
    blended wine,last-harvest wine,etc..

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    Multiple Capacity


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